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'Pic Might Be Me...' 'I Wish It Were Me...' Rep. Weiner Is Scorched!!

Today Weiner declared he doesn't know what his crotch looks like so he doesn't know if the twitpic he sent to that college girl in Seattle is of him. Yesterday he cussed out CNN for asking questions.

Then in the safety net of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Weiner admitted: "Myabe it started out being a photograph of mine." He said he "wishes" that it was his crotch. And that 'conspiracy theorists' are trying to smear him... blah, blah, blah. (He stole the joke from Jon Stewart btw; he can't even have original lame jokes!) This guy is in meltdown mode.

Another one of the many lucious young women who Weiner follows on Twitter, pornography star Ginger Lee, also refuses to answer questions. She only claims that she hasn't met liberal Democrat Weiner.

MSNBC defends Weiner and NBC is silent.


1 comment:

Euripides said...

"She only claims that she hasn't met liberal Democrat Weiner."

Well, thanks to Twitter, now she has met him.