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Weiner Mocked Eliot Spitzer's Indescretions

Weiner is well known as the liberal leader in attacking conservative sex fiends. One x-rated discussion with a young woman [WARNING EXPLICIT!]:

Weiner: "off to the shower. this thing is bobbling up and down."
Her: "aahh...wish i was in the shower with you to help"
Weiner: "you give good ****?"
Her: "ive been told really good...and i love doing it"
Weiner: "wow a jewish girl who sucks c****. this thing is ready to do damage"
Her: "and ***** every drop. god d**** how do i get you her to **** me?"
Weiner: "<=thinking about ****ing your hot mouth with my ****"
Her: "the anticipation of ****ing you is driving me crazy!come to vegas so i can suck your **** for an hour. you must be in the shower...i am getting a very nice visual before bed...i'll probably have some filthy dreams about you [again!]

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