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Weiner Refuses To Resign, Admits "Explicit Images" Over The Years... Underage Girls?

High-schooler Maggie Henning who was followed by Weiner: "talking to Rep Weiner ...right now! is my life real?" Is it criminal to be sexual with underage girls?"

A teary-eyed Weiner admitted that he covered-up the tweet he recently sent to a young woman "as a joke." He says he admitted the truth at her behest. Weiner only came clean after the woman possibly threatened to come forward, and after Breitbart published a slew of new steamy pictures. He further admits that he sent explicit images of himself to multiple young women while he was married. Like a typical liberal he says it is a personal thing and says it doesn't effect how his constituents should consider him.

Weiner claimed he thought each girl he talked with was 18. When asked how he would have known that, Weiner changed the subject.

Weiner refused to resign, although he said he is "ready to receive the full consequence" of his actions. Andrew Breitbart crashed the press conference before Weiner took the stage and scolded the media for how they handled this story. When asked if he apologizes to Andrew Breitbart Weiner said he apologizes to everyone he misled.

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