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Are Mormons are the best Republicans can do? ... says Las Vegas Review-Journal

At the risk of a malicious lawsuit from Stephens Media, I'll go ahead and quote their appalling religious bigotry:

"How shall I put this? How about straight-out?

The field of Republican presidential candidates is so uncommonly weak that its two best general election prospects are Mormons.

Now that is what you call some serious irony....

This is less about the nation's emerging religious tolerance -- the nation has no emerging religious tolerance -- than about the kook-right takeover of the contemporary Republican Party....

Romney has a viable mainstream record as a businessman and as a moderate Republican governor of Massachusetts. He is a chronic flip-flopper, said by some recently clever wag to be unafraid of taking every position on every issue over time." (

This outrageous bigotry from journalist John Brummett falls right in line with the Nazi rhetoric we see from faux conservatives. They claim they hate Romney because he is a "chronic flip-flopper" but it is quickly evident that they simply hate Mormons. And it's not because of politically ideological reasons. Harry Reid is in Nevada after all and he is radical liberal. People like John Brummett of the Las Vegas Review-Journal simply hate Mormons.

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