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Associated Press assumes guilt of 'rapist' Iraq contractor that was ruled innocent

A jury ruled that Iraq contractor KBR Inc. was innocent of liability in the alleged rape of Jamie Leigh Jones. Liberals were excited for the case because it involved KBR's parent company Halliburton Co. Notice the subtle language AP injects when they compare Jones' allegations with KBR's defense. AP starts with Jones' allegations:

""I was going up against a monster," Jones, sobbing loudly, told The Associated Press. "I'm devastated. I believe I did the right thing coming forward."...

Jones said the civil trial wasn't a fair fight. She said she felt she lost because the jury wasn't allowed to hear details of her attacker's past but were allowed to hear hers. Bortz said the sex was consensual.

Jones said she believed her bruises and the description of the rape would have swayed jurors.

"I just thought that the physical evidence would help. I guess the fact that my entire life was on display and (his) wasn't" made a difference, Jones said.

Attorney Ron Estefan, in his closing arguments, accused KBR of neglecting to enforce its policies against sexual harassment for years by its contract workers in Iraq. The neglect facilitated Jones' rape, he said....

Jones, who had been a clerical worker in Baghdad's Green Zone, testified that she was drugged and then raped by a group of KBR firefighters. She said Bortz was in her room the next morning. During four days on the stand, she told jurors she has no memory of what happened because she believed she was drugged with Rohypnol, known as the "date rape drug," just before she was sexually assaulted....

Jones also accused KBR officials of locking her in a trailer after she told them about the rape and not letting her call her family. She testified she's been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, takes medications for anxiety and had to have reconstructive surgery for her breasts, which were disfigured in her attack."

But when reporting the company's defense, AP doesn't state "he said..." AP states "he tried to portray..." This inserts doubt into what the company is saying. AP gives them much less space in the article as well. Very deceitful reporting from the Associated Press:

Bortz's attorney tried to show that after the alleged rape, Jones did not appear to act like she had been attacked but instead went to work as normal, joked around and talked about camp gossip. Bortz no longer works for KBR.

Joanne Vorpahl, one of KBR's attorneys, tried to portray Jones to jurors as someone with a history of being dishonest on resumes and job applications, including not disclosing in a medical questionnaire she filled out before leaving for Iraq that she had been treated in prior years for various things, including depression, dizziness and kidney and bladder problems. Jones said those were simply mistakes and she never intended to be dishonest.

AP repeats her allegations of bruises and lacerations, and that her breasts were disfigured in the alleged attack, but it sounds like she could only testify of this. Were there photos? Receipts of the surgery, proof that she didn't just go out and get fake boobs? AP doesn't say.

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