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Associated Press falsely complains that executed illegal immigrant was denied help

Humberto Leal was executed in Texas despite screaming from the liberal media that the police didn't inform him early enough of his rights to talk to the Mexican consulate. The Associated Press complains that the illegal immigrant was "denied help from his home country." Well that's not true. Child-rapist Humberto Leal was simply not informed of whom he could talk to under international treaties. They didn't actually deny any of his requests.

Did the police know that Leal was an illegal alien?? No. Leal produced an American drivers license and claimed to be a citizen of the US. He had been in America for 36 years, so he walked, talked, and acted like an American. AP covers up all these facts. One minute AP is screaming that police shouldn't be allowed to check immigration status, and the next they just assume that the police know if someone is an illegal alien.

But AP does gleefully report that Leal's distant relatives burned American flags in protest!

In 2008, President Bush attempted to stop this execution, and others. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government can't force states to comply with ICJ laws. President Obama also recently tried to stop the execution and was again denied by the Supreme Court.

The details of Leal's murder are incredibly gruesome. AP glosses over the details, the "30- to 40-pound asphalt rock roughly twice the size of the victim's skull lying partially on the victim's left arm." ... the "bloody and broken" stick protruding from the young girl's vagina.

Much of AP's phony article is devoted to complaints from Leal's friends and Mexican supremacists. Just one tiny quote from the victim's mother at the end.

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