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Fox News Mocks Mormon Romney's "Fruity" Beliefs

The same Fox affiliate spreads lies about Mormonism in other segments as well. Religion Dispatches reports on an outrageous piece of bigotry from a local Fox affiliate in Memphis:

"As part of a four-segment series on Mormonism, Ferguson developed a rambling, virtually content-free six-minute segment featuring man-on-the street interviews with local Memphis residents about, well, how very "fruity" Mormonism is.

(There are 45,000 Mormons in Tennessee, about .7% of the population. Mormons left the state en masse in the 1880s due to anti-Mormon violence.)

"Can you name the candidate who is running for president who believes that if he is a good person, he will get his own planet?" Ferguson goaded.

Five or six Memphis citizens shake their heads, chuckling, rolling their eyes. One woman darts from the camera.

"It's not Mitt Romney is it?" asks a man in a blue shirt with a ponytail.

"It is Mitt Romney," intones Ferguson, aping and goofing, "it is."

"Would you vote for someone for president who believes that if they are a good person, you will get their own planet?" Ferguson continues, "You want your own planet, don't you?"" -(

This bigoted bafoon Ben Ferguson is a frequent guest on Fox News, CNBC, and CNN. (full video here). I knocked Joanna Brooks in the past, but I have to give her props for reporting this. The whole planet thing is one of many lies that anti-Mormons push. More lies from Fox News:

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