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Murdoch Media Defends Obama's Economy Against Romney's Ads

Fox News recently called him "obviously not a Christian" and mocked his "fruity" beliefs. Now Rupert Murdoch takes aim at Mitt Romney's infamous TV ads in order to get Obama a second term as president. Wall Street Journal: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign has released a series of ads featuring individuals who say they have suffered setbacks under President Barack Obama. But the stories aren’t as straightforward as the ads suggest...

New Hampshire economist Russ Thibeault of Applied Economic Research said, “The seeds of the housing downturn nationally and in New Hampshire, were planted well before the current administration took office,” citing the 2008 housing bubble burst."

Phony conservatives will go so far as to blame Bush and defend Obama so that a Mormon doesn't get the presidency?

And right on cue we have bigoted WSJ readers defending Obama by calling Romney a RINO. Here's the logic: expose Obama's destruction of the economy and that makes you a liberal flip-flopper.

"Here is the FLIP FLOPPER IN CHIEF in California yesterday attacking Obama policies for a failed factory. What the Mormon FLIP FLOPPER did not realize was that his biggest donor wrecked the company, prior to Obama taking office..."

"Why is there any surprise that the ads have a degree of falsehoods? Romney is not a Republican candidate, he is a Rino candidate. He just wants his chance to update ObamaCare and rename it to RomneyCare."

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