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Norway Shooter railed against USA Conservatives in his published Manifesto

"Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto attacked conservatives in America as leaders in America's Globalism and NWO. He thanks Barack Obama for exposing the right-wingers for what they are:

The Presidential election campaign in the USA in 2008 between Obama and McCain is a race between a left-wing and a right-wing Globalist....

It's never been at matter of choice for Europe to rely on aid from America. Since the world order installed in the wake of WWII it's been a matter of staying put and obeying to the world order. Any kind of European vitality has been suppressed under this American hegemony (see Serbia-Milosevic and Austria-Haider). You have already heard all the arguments about this from across the Atlantic: European nationalism is the root of all evil, European vitality will only lead to endless wars etc. And the American reverse of Obama is not much of a comfort. The more American nationalism grows, the more anti-European and anti-Russian it becomes. Ralph Peters is a good example.

The Europe right-wing Americans see today and disdain is wholly a creation of America herself. The leaders of Europe are nothing but marionettes of the current America-led world order. But this insight has also more and more emerged among the right-wing Americans, now that the true face of (political) America manifestly come to its closure with Obama. But aren't there all these Americans who do not at all support Obama? Yes, and they are like Ralph Peters.

The reason that we find a strong conservatism in America and not in Europe is that American conservatives are not at all conservative but liberals to the core; French Revolution egalitarians and PC addicts with fear of "racism", etc. European conservatism is of a essentially different kind, and totally unacceptable under the current world order. In the American mythology, which is the foundation for our current civilisational paradigm, the old pre-WWI Europe is the worst of the evils, much worse than Communism of fascism. After all Wilson and Roosevelt understood and respected Lenin and Stalin. It was the old (and vital!) Europe that was Satan itself in their eyes.

But these American delusions had to come to and end, and thank you Obama for executing it."

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