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Reuters Blames Racism For Valedictorian Drama... Ignores Teen Pregnancy

Reuters, Yahoo News, and many other media falsely blame racism for a black student in Little Rock Arkansas who shared her valedictorian prize even though she allegedly got the highest GPA of the class. What they briefly brush over is her pregnancy her junior year. Not exactly the poster image of a good student. We can have the debate of whether a pregnant young girl deserves to be the sole valedictorian, but the media allegation that it "was racial motivated" is completely false.

Kymberly Wimberly is now suing in federal court because a white student got to give a speech at graduation along with her. The media encourages the sense of entitlement in our youth, hissy fits, and especially the race card when they don't get their way. And yes, her names is seriously Kymberly Wimberly.

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