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Romney vs. Perry On Education: comparing state ACT Scores

Texas is among America's lowest. Massachusetts is the number one highest:

The 10 States with Lowest ACT Scores in Science
50. Mississippi
49. Florida
48. Kentucky
47. Tennessee
46. Arizona
45. South Carolina
44. Wyoming
43. Texas
42. Louisiana
41. Arkansas
40. Alabama

The 10 States with Highest ACT Scores in Sciene
1. Massachusetts
2. New York
3. Connecticut
4. New Hampshire
5. Minnesota
6. Delaware
7. Maine
8. Washington
9. New Jersey

This explains why phony conservatives and are outraged at Mitt Romney's global warming policy!

Rick Perry Gave $47.5Million For Illegal Aliens Healthcare


"n the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, for instance, Texas lobbyists successfully pushed to include an additional $47.5 million a year for four years, to help reimburse the cost of health care for undocumented immigrants."

When will conservatives realize Rick Perry is a phony?? But what's really important is Mitt Romney's remodeling plans for his house! I am outraged that Mitt Romney is unconcerned about climate change science! I am furious that Romney's aide had a twitter account that he used to mock Democrats! Let's stick to the important issues! Thank you! Thank you Gatewaypundit, Free Republic, Weasel Zippers! Thank you all you phony hacks!


Associated Press reveals Biden's 'One-Child' gaffe is actually calculated maneuver

Last week, the Associated Press proclaimed their support for China's one-child family planning policy. Associated Press falsely attributed the rise of women in China's universities to the policy. The truth is the opposite. China's family planning policy has led to the death of a disproportionately large number of females, and the number of women in China's colleges isn't really that large.

Why did Yahoo News keep this appalling article as top headline for almost a week?

To prepare Americans for the Obama administrations praise of China's one-child policy. Naturally we have Fox News defending Biden.


China Accidentally Shows Hacking Software In Promotional Video

A promotional video by China's government military TV accidentally included screen-shots of hacking software developed against the United States. The software is simple and effective. It names Electrical Engineering University of China's People's Liberation Army as its author.

Under Choose Attack Target that user inputs an IP address. The user selects an attack method and presses the Attack button. The IP in this screenshot belongs to the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). Here is the video (at 11:04 and 11:10):

Drudge Report Falsely Headlines: Obama Closely Matched Against Bachmann, Paul


The actual Gallup poll numbers:

Mitt Romney: 48%
Barack Obama: 46%

Rick Perry: 47%
Barack Obama: 47%

Ron Paul: 45%
Barack Obama: 47%

Michelle Bachmann: 44%
Barack Obama: 48%

Why did Drudge omit the actual top runners against Obama, Romney and Perry? As much as I hate to admit it, Bachmann isn't all that close. Romney is the only one who could beat Obama. But the phony conservatives won't admit that!


Free Republic Excuses Rick Perry's 'Porn Problem'... Blasts Mitt Romney

Rick Perry invested in porn distributors and says it doesn't matter:

LyinLibs: "If THIS is all the Commies have got, Perry’s gonna win bigtime."

mylife: "Now this is a new one.
Rick Perry Gov of Texas is a pornographer?
Good luck with that!..."

dfwgator: "Maybe we can save time and energy and just cut and paste the entire sorry thread posted a little bit earlier."

But back when Mitt Romney had ties to hotels that offered porn, a much weaker controvery, Free Republic went ballistic:

TheDon: "Marriott also sells alcohol, coffee and tea! These are also proscribed by Mormons."

Maelstorm: "I think those are fair questions. We supposedly live in a nation with a majority claiming belief in Christ. I know that many at the highest levels of corporations are religious but some where along the line there is a disconnect with the way they run their businesses."


Rick Perry Worked Closely With ACORN: photo

Rick Perry is a black swan. He has all the bad qualities of his opponents, only he has them worse.


Gallup: Romney Still Has Highest Favoribility Rating, Perry Among The Lowest

A Rasmussen poll is the talk in the liberal media. But here are the numbers from the much more prestigious Gallup poll they won't reveal. Romney still has the highest favoribility of any Republican, at 57%. Perry is at the bottom of the heap at 45%:

Herman Cain

* Strongly Favorable 26% {24%} (27%) [29%] {26%}
* Favorable 48% {53%} (49%) [48%] {46%}

Rudy Giuliani

* Strongly Favorable 22% {22%} (21%) [22%] {22%}
* Favorable 54% {56%} (57%) [56%] {57%}

Mitt Romney

* Strongly Favorable 17% {17%} (18%) [21%] {19%}
* Favorable 57% {55%} (55%) [53%] {54%}

Rick Perry

* Strongly Favorable 25% {24%} (26%) [26%] {23%}
* Favorable 45% {46%} (48%) [47%] {44%}

Rick Santorum

* Strongly Favorable 9% {9%} (11%) [13%] {13%}
* Favorable 55% {53%} (51%) [54%] {56%}

Tim Pawlenty

* Strongly Favorable 9% {9%} (10%) [12%] {12%}
* Favorable 53% {54%} (56%) [54%] {54%}

National Journal Covers Up Rick Perry's Liberal Record in Phony 'Expose'

Yahoo/National Journal claims to expose vulnerabilities with the right in Rick Perry, but instead they cover it up or ignore the issues. There is one important issue that they do bring up at the end of the article, and that is Perry's support of Al Gore. The spin:

National Journal- "Perry supported the former Tennessee senator when he ran for president in 1988. At the time, both men were different: Perry was still a Democrat (he switched parties in 1989), and Gore was known more for his defense of family values than for trumpeting the danger of climate change. As Perry put it Monday, "This was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.""

Perry wasn't just a small supporter, he was Al Gore's campaign chairman!

Al Gore was already a strong supporter of the Global Warming fraud at the time, as Politico reports. And Perry has even acknowledged this. He flip-flopped on his previous excuse and said simply that he disagreed with Mr. Gore:

Politico- "But in fact, global warming was already a significant theme for Gore in 1987 and 1988...

Gore, then a young Tennessee senator trying to break out in a crowded Democratic field, mentioned the warming planet as one of his priorities for his presidential campaign in April 1987, according to news coverage at the time.

“He laid out a broad list of national objectives, from combating AIDS and Alzheimer's disease to curbing the ‘greenhouse effect’ — the threat to the Earth's atmosphere from the burning of oil, gas and coal,” The Los Angeles Times reported in covering Gore’s announcement. In May 1987, according to The Washington Post, his stump speeches included a call for the nation to “confront the emerging problems of the greenhouse effect and the threat to our ozone.”

Later that summer, Gore joined Republican Sen. John Chafee in calling for urgent action on climate change and the threat of coastal flooding.

Such was his reputation for green wonkery that, in a January 1988 profile in the Christian Science Monitor, an attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund said of Gore: ''I think it would be safe to say that he goes to bed at night worrying about things like stratospheric ozone depletion and global warming.''

So was all this unknown to Perry, who at the time was a Democrat trying to put Gore in the White House?

No, Perry spokesman Mark Miner said Monday. They just disagreed.

“The governor has always been a conservative and didn't agree with Al Gore on every issue, global warming being one of them,” Miner said in an email to POLITICO."


Washington Post Deceptively Labels Mainstream US Christianity: 'Nazi-Dominionism'

Dominionism is a word making its ways up the liberal intellectual circles. Washington Post warns of the creeping dangers of Domonionist Christians. Wikipedia defines it:

Dominionism, in the context of politics and religion, is the tendency among some politically active conservative Christians to seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action, especially in the United States. It is also known as subjectionism.

The word Dominionism comes straight from the German word for Nazi rule. Nazi-herrschaft translates directly to "Nazi dominionism" and commonly refers to the religious aspect of Nazi rule. Many liberals have written about how Nazis supposedly pushed Christian dominion theology. Nazi dominion is the origin of this new terminology for US Christians.

That second term, subjectionism, refers to Nazi Christians subjecting the world to their culture and religion. See Der Spiegel.

'' Misspells 'Cain & Abel'... Hate Site

The "Christian" website is considered one of the top sites for "disproving" Mormonism. quotes them. But they can't even get common Bible names right:


Associated Press Praises One-Child Policy In China... 'Boon For Girls'

It is well known that China's family planning prevents girls from being born. Girls are less help around the farm, and with only one child you need all the help you can get. So it is just common sense that Chinese would abort female babies. But the Associated Press deniesthis logic and parrots Chinese Communist propaganda in praising the liberal policy .

Yahoo/AP claims that China has so many women in college because of the one-child policy.

AP- "With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters' education and well-being, a groundbreaking shift after centuries of discrimination."

Chinese abort most females, so there is actually no female heir to begin with! The real reason so many Chinese girls go to college is because the government sends them to college. The government decides who gets higher education. AP falsely attributes the higher number of women in Chinese colleges to a desire amongst Chinese to educate girls rather than boys.

AP points only to "experts" to make their ridiculous claim and falsely claims that China has had steady economic growth:

AP- "A Communist Youth League member at one of China's top science universities, she boasts enviable skills in calligraphy, piano, flute and pingpong.

Such gifted young women are increasingly common in China's cities and make up the most educated generation of women in Chinese history. Never have so many been in college or graduate school, and never has their ratio to male students been more balanced.

To thank for this, experts say, is three decades of steady Chinese economic growth, heavy government spending on education and a third, surprising, factor: the one-child policy...

"They've basically gotten everything that used to only go to the boys," said Vanessa Fong, a Harvard University professor and expert on China's family planning policy."

...By 2009, nearly half of China's full-time undergraduates were women and 47 percent of graduate students were female, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

In India, by comparison, women make up 37.6 percent of those enrolled at institutes of higher education, according to government statistics.

AP goes on to list all the wonderful things that college girls from China get, and falsely claims that they are "purchases." The government in fact provides these things, from tax money.

AP- "Wang and many of her female classmates grew up with tutors and allowances, after-school classes and laptop computers. Though she is just one generation off the farm, she carries an iPad and a debit card, and shops for the latest fashions online.

Her purchases arrive at Tsinghua, where Wang's all-girls dorm used to be jokingly called a "Panda House," because women were so rarely seen on campus. They now make up a third of the student body, up from one-fifth a decade ago."

Wait, didn't AP just report that in India barely over a third of college students are female? That's better than the Chinese college statistic in this example!! India has more women in college than China? But then AP almost finds some sanity:

AP- "While strides have been made in reaching gender parity in education, other inequalities remain. Women remain woefully underrepresented in government, have higher suicide rates than males, often face domestic violence and workplace discrimination and by law must retire at a younger age than men...

Some, like Wang, are already changing perceptions about what women can achieve. When she dropped by her grandmother's house this spring, the local village chief came by to see her. She was a local celebrity: the first village descendent in memory to make it into Tsinghua University."

AP journalist Alexa Olessen ought to be familiar with the facts about China's female problem. After all, she reported on rising abortion rates in China. But she is unabashadly pro-Communist when it comes to China. She praised the communist significance of Tiananmen Square without a single mention of the 1989 massacre. She said "when political events are said and done" the communist symbol will always remain. She praised communist revolutiony hereos and sought to dispell "misconceptions" about them. She reported that the teachings of Communist Lei Feng "will serve as a spiritual catalyst for the building of a well-off society."

Earlier... China praises North Korean Paradise


Canadian Media Falsely Labels Polygamist Pedophiles: 'Mormon' falsely reported on the trafficking of children for sex from "the Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., to Texas as child brides."

Canada's National Post, Postmedia News, repeated this false report that the girls were shipped from "the Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., to Texas as child brides."

Vancouver Sun published a series of false reports linking Mormons to the breakaway cult, also repeating ths false claim that the girls were shipped from "the Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., to Texas as child brides."

The Vancouver Sun falsely labeled it a "fundamentalist Mormon group." Vancouver Sun falsely labeled Warren Jeffs a "fundamentalist Mormon leader." Again. It's open season for religious bigotry and false reporting in Canada!

Dick Durbin Orders Media Cover-up Of Reporter Ban

William Kelly breaks the story of Democratic Dick Durban expelling reporters for asking the wrong questions, and then ordering a media coverup. Breitbart's reporter asked, “Senator, you’ve blamed the tea party…but do you bear any responsibility for this downgrade crisis?”

The Chicago reporters at the press conference responded with outrage. Jim Anderson, news director for the Illinois Radio Network and unpaid member of Durbin's staff, advised Durbin not to answer and called the police. Kelly was expelled from the public event, and Durbin commanded the press: “You guys aren’t going to cover this are you?”

And the corrupt media unanimously agreed to cover it all up.


ABC, CBS Join AP With Bold-Faced Misquote From Romney: 'Corporations Are People'

CBC falsely reported that average voters who were angry about the economy confronted Mitt Romney in Iowa. The truth is that the violent hecklers were organized by the Democrat group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Only Fox News reports that fact. The media is complicit in the liberal sting operation.

ABC falsely reported that Romney's reply "corporations are people" was a sign of insincerity. They took those three words completely out of context and, like Associated Press, pretended they related to Wall street greed. Romney was actually talking about economic principles of taxes. New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and all the rest joined in the spin.

Associated Press Misquotes Romney: 'Corporations Are People'

Politico noticed a juicy soundbite from Romney's Iowa trip, as liberals violently heckled him. Liberals were upset that Romney said corporations don't pay taxes, people in the corporations do:

"...Mitt Romney's tense moments at the Iowa State Fair, including a comment that he'd probably rephrase if given the chance, that, "corporations are people, my friend!" (POLITICO's Kasie Hunt also witnessed the exchange) The argument was that money gets into people's pockets through companies, but that won't be the takeaway when it's spliced into a negative ad."

Naturally, the Associated Press jumped on this chance to quote Romney out of context and falsely associate his comment with Wall Street:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney faced a rowdy crowd at the Iowa State Fair Thursday, with people interrupting his answers to chant "Wall Street greed" and him snapping "corporations are people, my friend."

Zero media report that the "angry voters" who heckled Romney were organized by the radical liberal Democrat group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Meanwhile, TIME gave a glowing interview of liberal Rick Perry, as they declared on their cover: "Tea Party has hijacked America."


'The American Conservative' agrees with Obama: Romney's Mormon religion is weird

More fake conservatives

( "Among some conservative Christians, there is concern that electing a Mormon would represent a form of acceptance or an endorsement of a religion that they consider to be not only not Christian but fundamentally false and misleading. For those who insist that ours is or should be a “Christian nation,” that is unacceptable.

Economic conditions may be bad enough that this will not be enough to keep Romney from winning, but if his religion would be a serious liability at other times it seems unlikely that this problem will go away now. The difficulty for Romney is that his political opponents don’t need to sow doubts. The doubts are already there, and will continue to be there whether anyone mentions them."

Obama recently formed his plan of attack on Romney, which is essentially religious bigotry. The man we elected out of tolerance and diversity clings on to power using religious bigotry?


Associated Press repeats Warren Buffet's attacks on S&P... doesn't mention S&P downgraded Buffet

Liberal Warren Buffet to the rescue! He joins Obama in condemning S&P for downgrading the U.S. on our debt. That mean old S&P has things wrong, Buffet says. Well actually it turns out Buffet is just propping up his rival credit agency... And complaining that S&P downgraded his company Berkshire Hathaway.

Turns out AP's report is utter bull.


China Sells Dead Baby Pills To Increase 'Stamina'

Soylant Green anyone?

( "A Korean TV documentary team went on a search for the truth behind the dead baby pill, and what they found was shocking. They tracked down a hospital that sells deceased babies, mostly abortions or still births, to medicine companies."