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'The American Conservative' agrees with Obama: Romney's Mormon religion is weird

More fake conservatives

( "Among some conservative Christians, there is concern that electing a Mormon would represent a form of acceptance or an endorsement of a religion that they consider to be not only not Christian but fundamentally false and misleading. For those who insist that ours is or should be a “Christian nation,” that is unacceptable.

Economic conditions may be bad enough that this will not be enough to keep Romney from winning, but if his religion would be a serious liability at other times it seems unlikely that this problem will go away now. The difficulty for Romney is that his political opponents don’t need to sow doubts. The doubts are already there, and will continue to be there whether anyone mentions them."

Obama recently formed his plan of attack on Romney, which is essentially religious bigotry. The man we elected out of tolerance and diversity clings on to power using religious bigotry?

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