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Associated Press Misquotes Romney: 'Corporations Are People'

Politico noticed a juicy soundbite from Romney's Iowa trip, as liberals violently heckled him. Liberals were upset that Romney said corporations don't pay taxes, people in the corporations do:

"...Mitt Romney's tense moments at the Iowa State Fair, including a comment that he'd probably rephrase if given the chance, that, "corporations are people, my friend!" (POLITICO's Kasie Hunt also witnessed the exchange) The argument was that money gets into people's pockets through companies, but that won't be the takeaway when it's spliced into a negative ad."

Naturally, the Associated Press jumped on this chance to quote Romney out of context and falsely associate his comment with Wall Street:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney faced a rowdy crowd at the Iowa State Fair Thursday, with people interrupting his answers to chant "Wall Street greed" and him snapping "corporations are people, my friend."

Zero media report that the "angry voters" who heckled Romney were organized by the radical liberal Democrat group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Meanwhile, TIME gave a glowing interview of liberal Rick Perry, as they declared on their cover: "Tea Party has hijacked America."

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