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Associated Press Praises One-Child Policy In China... 'Boon For Girls'

It is well known that China's family planning prevents girls from being born. Girls are less help around the farm, and with only one child you need all the help you can get. So it is just common sense that Chinese would abort female babies. But the Associated Press deniesthis logic and parrots Chinese Communist propaganda in praising the liberal policy .

Yahoo/AP claims that China has so many women in college because of the one-child policy.

AP- "With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters' education and well-being, a groundbreaking shift after centuries of discrimination."

Chinese abort most females, so there is actually no female heir to begin with! The real reason so many Chinese girls go to college is because the government sends them to college. The government decides who gets higher education. AP falsely attributes the higher number of women in Chinese colleges to a desire amongst Chinese to educate girls rather than boys.

AP points only to "experts" to make their ridiculous claim and falsely claims that China has had steady economic growth:

AP- "A Communist Youth League member at one of China's top science universities, she boasts enviable skills in calligraphy, piano, flute and pingpong.

Such gifted young women are increasingly common in China's cities and make up the most educated generation of women in Chinese history. Never have so many been in college or graduate school, and never has their ratio to male students been more balanced.

To thank for this, experts say, is three decades of steady Chinese economic growth, heavy government spending on education and a third, surprising, factor: the one-child policy...

"They've basically gotten everything that used to only go to the boys," said Vanessa Fong, a Harvard University professor and expert on China's family planning policy."

...By 2009, nearly half of China's full-time undergraduates were women and 47 percent of graduate students were female, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

In India, by comparison, women make up 37.6 percent of those enrolled at institutes of higher education, according to government statistics.

AP goes on to list all the wonderful things that college girls from China get, and falsely claims that they are "purchases." The government in fact provides these things, from tax money.

AP- "Wang and many of her female classmates grew up with tutors and allowances, after-school classes and laptop computers. Though she is just one generation off the farm, she carries an iPad and a debit card, and shops for the latest fashions online.

Her purchases arrive at Tsinghua, where Wang's all-girls dorm used to be jokingly called a "Panda House," because women were so rarely seen on campus. They now make up a third of the student body, up from one-fifth a decade ago."

Wait, didn't AP just report that in India barely over a third of college students are female? That's better than the Chinese college statistic in this example!! India has more women in college than China? But then AP almost finds some sanity:

AP- "While strides have been made in reaching gender parity in education, other inequalities remain. Women remain woefully underrepresented in government, have higher suicide rates than males, often face domestic violence and workplace discrimination and by law must retire at a younger age than men...

Some, like Wang, are already changing perceptions about what women can achieve. When she dropped by her grandmother's house this spring, the local village chief came by to see her. She was a local celebrity: the first village descendent in memory to make it into Tsinghua University."

AP journalist Alexa Olessen ought to be familiar with the facts about China's female problem. After all, she reported on rising abortion rates in China. But she is unabashadly pro-Communist when it comes to China. She praised the communist significance of Tiananmen Square without a single mention of the 1989 massacre. She said "when political events are said and done" the communist symbol will always remain. She praised communist revolutiony hereos and sought to dispell "misconceptions" about them. She reported that the teachings of Communist Lei Feng "will serve as a spiritual catalyst for the building of a well-off society."

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