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Romney vs. Perry On Education: comparing state ACT Scores

Texas is among America's lowest. Massachusetts is the number one highest:

The 10 States with Lowest ACT Scores in Science
50. Mississippi
49. Florida
48. Kentucky
47. Tennessee
46. Arizona
45. South Carolina
44. Wyoming
43. Texas
42. Louisiana
41. Arkansas
40. Alabama

The 10 States with Highest ACT Scores in Sciene
1. Massachusetts
2. New York
3. Connecticut
4. New Hampshire
5. Minnesota
6. Delaware
7. Maine
8. Washington
9. New Jersey

This explains why phony conservatives and are outraged at Mitt Romney's global warming policy!


Euripides said...

No one will admit the real reason for Romney bashing. They just don't like his religion. Many conservatives and most liberals just don't trust a church that preaches the doctrines of decency. Mormonism seems to be the last bastion not protected under politically correct rules.

cura te ipsum said...

I agree with Euripides. People won't admit their bigotry, but it's obvious. It's sad that Romney's expertise and awesome jobs plan is overlooked by so many simply because of that.