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Rick Perry Lied, He Got At Least $29,500 For Vaccination Corruption

A simple web search reveals that Rick Perry lied when he said he only received $5,000 from drug company Merck. Perry pretended to be offended at the thought that he could be bought for so little.

Merck actually donated more than $29,000 to Perry's campaign. And then there is the $352,500 to the Republican Governors Association that they gave while he was chairman. Merck reaped huge profits for Perry's dictatorial mandate that all young girls receive dangerous vaccinations for cancer. The vaccinations turned out to be phony, like Perry.

“I'm always going to err on the side of life.” Perry's spokesman repeated this lame defense today: "What was driving the governor is protecting life." But didn't Perry also revel in the wild cheers at the Republican debate when the words "death penalty" were spoken to him? Didn't he attack all efforts to get poor people health insurance? Didn't the audience scream, "Kill them," much to his delight?

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cura te ipsum said...

Thanks for the info. I had a feeling he was lying, that dirty dog. How the heck is he still ahead of everyone!?