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10/21/11 Journal assumes Romney held on to since 2007

National Journal has the most laughable attack against Romney yet:

Mitt Romney's campaign proudly touted the launch of Thursday, a website attacks Texas Gov. Rick Perry's record. While the Romney campaign announced as new website, a review of the site's registration reveals that its owner in fact registered the domain name several years ago.... The intended target might have originally been Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., or even then Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., in 2007.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air adds:

So the man criticizing Perry as a “career politician” has been holding the domain name for this particular attack for more than four years. In fact, the owner held it long before anyone thought of Perry as a potential contender. That sounds an awful lot like a man who spent the last four years running for President, does it not?

Actually the GoDaddy registration lists "Domains by Proxy, Inc." of GoDaddy as the registrant, not Mitt Romney... a company that masks the site user. Romney's campaign probably wanted to use a domain name that was already held so they got the person holding it to give it to them. The details for this registration were last updated on September 8th, the likely date of this arrangement. The site went live much later then September 8th. That is the most likely explanation. Otherwise, why did the registrant details change on September 8th? It is a huge stretch to just assume Romney had it since 2007, and an even huger stretch to cast him as a hypocrite because of it.

To top it off, Ed ignorantly suggests that Go Daddy is a porn outfit:

As more of an aside, does Romney really use GoDaddy for his website needs? Has anyone on Team Romney watched their soft-porn advertising? Way to woo the family-values vote, guys.

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cura te ipsum said...

HotAir is ridiculous. I hope everyone can see that they are simply anti-mormon, no two ways about it. I do agree with their go-daddy soft porn accusation though. Those commercials made me pretty uncomfortable and I would have taken kids out of the room during them. I guess sex and objectifying women sells.