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Religious bigotry of the week... NYT, Slate, Christian Post, DePaulia, Washington Times

  • New York Times got some negative feedback from this over-the-top article. Some of the most hateful rhetoric yet... so naturally it was reprinted by many liberal medias:

  • headlined this article by which demands the right to spread hatred for Mormons:

  • continued their crusade against Mormons. Not enough money filling local collection plates I guess:

  • The Kansas City Star was respectful and fair, but still, it shouldn't even be an issue:

  • De Paulia University likes transparency! Transparency! We need to know a candidate's religious influence, as if Romney hasn't made that clear already, and then judge him on it! I wonder how they felt about Obama's "G*d D*mn Amerikkka" close pastor of 25 years?? Nothing in their archives.

  • Washington Times thinks Rick Perry is entitled to attack his fellow Republicans because of religion. They also want an explanation, which Mitt Romney already gave:

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