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Religious bigotry of the week... Newsmax, WorldNetDaily, Fox News, Christian Post, Daily Mail

  • Newsmax began this week with an eye-opener, proclaiming that we need to be concerned about Romney's religion, and complaining that he hasn't addressed the issue JFK-style... which he has.

  • World Net Daily dug up some anti-Mormon bigot who spewed lies, and threw Romney's name in there. Michael Savage's pals:

  • Fox News gives bold-faced lie about Mormon baptism, pretending to be tolerant:

  • DailyMail gave their advice, that we should silently ban Mormons, just don't admit the real reason why:

  • Un-Christian Christian Post has assaulted Mormons before, but this week they began an appalling crusade, with bigoted article after article:

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    cura te ipsum said...

    You know what's cool about mormons? This stuff doesn't make that much difference to them anymore. For the most part, the reaction I see from them is like water off a duck's back. We've heard it all, it's not gonna change anything. It's unfortunate that it plays such a major role in politics though.