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Dem Ad to Feature Newt Gingrich Attacking Republicans

So-called conservatives are committing suicide by supporting this guy.

US News- "By the time they’re done with him, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will look like a leading Democratic spokesman as the party moves quickly to harness his attacks on Republican plans to change Medicare. According to party sources, they plan to use Gingrich’s assault on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan in a bid to knock down every Republican who voted for it.

“By calling Paul Ryan’s budget ‘radical’ and ‘right-wing social engineering,’ Newt merely echoed criticisms millions of Americans across the political spectrum have voiced at house Republicans’ budget for weeks now,” says Ryan Rudominer, a Democratic consultant and former spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “So while Gingrich may now have as good a chance as me of winning the Republican nomination, those of us on the left can at least be thankful that he made Paul Ryan’s ‘radical’ budget to gut Medicare and provide billions in tax breaks for big oil companies the new litmus test in the Republican Party,” adds Rudominer.

Groups like DCCC, the Democratic National Committee and the House Majority PAC are looking at ways to use ads and Internet campaigns to warn voters that the Ryan plan the GOP favors is so bad that even conservative Gingrich, the former House speaker, hates it."

Gingrich later apologized for his remarks. But this is just one tiny instance of Gingrich's penchant for destroying the Republican Party. He has done more than anyone to tear apart conservatives- more than John McCain.

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