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Newt Gingrich Blatantly Lies About Romney's Illegal Alien Position... Media Ignores

Gingrich famously called for Amnesty for illegals at the last debate. Gingrich figures that if he courts the illegal aliens early, like GWB, the forgiving conservatives in all their senseless hatred for Romney will forgive him. When his conservative rivals pounced on him for it, Gingrich was ready with a slimy ad hominem tu quogue. He released a snippet of a quote of Romney apparently calling for amnesty.

But here is the entire quote:

"My own view is, consistent with what you saw in the Lowell Sun, that those people who had come here illegally and are in this country, the 12 million or so that are here illegally, should be able to sign up for permanent residency or citizenship, but they should not be given a special pathway, a special guarantee that all of them get to stay here for the rest of their lives merely by virtue of having come here illegally, and that, I think, is the great flaw in the final bill that came forward from the Senate."

Romney's position has not changed. Neither has Newt's. Newt has always been for illegal alien rights. With this kind of under-handed attacks from Newt, can we assume that he was behind the Cain attacks? You should always suspect the guy who is smiling the most.

Of course the liberal media, and Rush Limbaugh, propagates Newt's slimy lies. Birds of a feather.

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