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Gingrich Gets Disqualified From Virginia... Fox News, Drudgereport Ignores

UPDATE: Fox News parrots Gingrich's sad hissy fit, saying that Virginia's "failed system" is to blame. Drudgereport finally put the story halfway down the page all the way on the right side...

A Fox News panel blasted Newt Gingrich for failing to make his home state's ballot, a significant indication that his campaign is faltering. But you won't find this story on the Fox News website. The only Fox story online is a local Fox news report that repeats Gingrich's whiny defense that Virginia has a failed system. Always blaming others.

Fox News does report that Perry was disqualified, but no mention of Gingrich.

Drudgereport also conspicuously ignores this explosive story. Drudge's top story is about a stampede at some local store for shoes.

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