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Do Drudge Report/ Support Obama Over Romney?

Phony-conservative news site is running ads that bash Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The ads are by Newt Gingrich's super PAC Winning Our Future. Politifact blasted Newt's previous ads from this PAC as untrue, and it has become clear to political observers that Newt wants to sabotage Romney and give Obama the elections. Drudgereport has decided to help Obama win, apparently. notoriously hates Romney because he is Mormon. The phony conservative site's owner Salem Communications has a widespread campaign against Mormons. Their headlines today include:

  • Why Romney is weak against Obama
  • Michelle Obama for Senate?
  • Sure looks like the economy is improving, says... Romney?
  • We’re starting to give up on repealing ObamaCare, aren’t we?
Whose side are they on? Anyone, and I mean anyone, except the Mormon!

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