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Fox News & Associated Press Keep Up The Mormon-Bashing Discussion

Concerns about Romney's faith quieter but not gone

Almighty Associated Press via Fox News is not yet okay with the fact that Mitt Romney is Mormon. "The second time around, the shock has worn off," they report, but "suspicions" still linger. AP reports that "Conservative Christians, including Protestants and Roman Catholics, do not consider Mormons to be Christian." That's quite a blanket statement! Fox News earlier reported that Mitt Romney is "obviously not a Christian."

Polls show majorities of Catholics and Protestants actually did consider Mormons to be Christians in 2007. The media has successfully reduced this number among Evangelicals to about half, but still a vast majority of Catholics and Protesants prefer Romney over other candidates. The media needs to drop this disgusting lie. Fact is Christians do consider Mormons to be Christians. The liberal media doesn't.

91% of Evangelicals would vote for Romney over Obama.

Ignoring recent polls that show massive support amongst Evangelicals, AP keeps up the bigotry wedge. Romney actually received the majority Evangelical vote in New Hampshire and Iowa. A PPP poll shows less than a quarter Evangelicals in South Carolina feel uncomfortable voting for a Mormon. AP admits "ruefully" that Christians are starting to turn to Romney, but the message is that they need to stick by their values and be bigoted. AP goes so far as to hype activists who say Gingrich's marital infidelity and switching between churches is better than being Mormon:

In the upstate city of Easley, the Rev. Brad Atkins, president of the South Carolina General Baptist Convention, has posted an email exchange on his church website with a local reporter on his objections to the LDS church. "Romney's Mormonism will be more a cause of concern than Gingrich's infidelity," Atkins wrote. Christians can forgive sin, the pastor said, "but will struggle to understand how anyone could be a Mormon and call themselves a Christian."

Hector Chavez, a Roman Catholic and Republican voter in Columbia, said he can't support Romney and neither can many people he knows. "As a Christian, I can't vote for somebody who can't lead us in a Christian way," Chavez said. He's leaning toward voting for Perry.

Associated Press strangely doesn't mention a meeting of 150 alleged Christian leaders in which they allegedly anointed Rick Santorum. Maybe that's because this meeting was plagued with allegations of vote fraud. By their fruits ye shall know them, I guess.

Associated Press earlier revealed a strategy for defeating Romney which included Mormon-bashing. There has been a sharp increase in media reports lately critical of Romney's religion. The New York Times gives a surprised bit of insight into why this is happening. It isn't about Mitt Romney at all:

“I don’t have any concerns about Mitt Romney using his position as either a candidate or as president of the United States to push Mormonism,” said Mr. Roberts, an author of “Mormonism Unmasked” and president of the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who said he had no plans to travel to South Carolina before the voting. “The concern among evangelicals is that the Mormon Church will use his position around the world as a calling card for legitimizing their church and proselytizing people.”

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