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Gingrich Calls Romney A Religious Threat To America

We all knew the Mormon card was coming.

Newt is terribly upset that Mitt Romney didn't spend tax payer money on special kosher meals for old people in nursing homes. The biased media is terribly upset too.

Gingrich said it goes against human conscience; it is a basic human liberty to have the government pay for special religious meals at nursing homes.

But Fox News cheerfully reported that Newt took this ridiculous attack a step further in calling Romney a religious threat to America:

Newt Gingrich laid a stark attack on his rival in the run-up to Florida's "winner -take-all" Republican presidential primary Tuesday, accusing Mitt Romney of being no different than President Obama and suggesting the frontrunner will be a threat to religious freedom.

As Romney seeks to tighten his grip on the Republican presidential nomination, charging ahead by double-digits in most late polling in Florida, Gingrich told Fox News on Monday that Romney's decision while Massachusetts governor to cut Medicaid funding for health care services that benefited Jewish and Catholic facilities demonstrated that he has little respect for religion. He added that the trend is for a secular state assault on people of faith.

What a disgusting human being! What a horrible menace to our peaceful society! How awful of our biased Fox News to propagate this slimy piece of trash!!

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