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How NBC falsely portrays Christian ignorance of sex- an example

Teen Girl Calls Cops on Mom For Having Sex

"A North Florida teen who "felt disrespected" by her mother after she heard her having sex in an adjoining bedroom called 911 to report the lovemaking, according to a police report....

The teen girl told police that there was no form of abuse or neglect in the house, but she wanted to be placed in a Christian children's shelter, the report said." (

This story on Drudge illustrates how the media falsely portrays Christian youth as having misconceptions about sex. The large photo at the top of NBC's article shows young teenagers cuddling in a bed, suggesting that the story is about a teen's misconceptions about sex. The original story at Smoking Gun showed two adults in a bed. The first sentence in NBC's report confirms this bias.

If my mother kept me up till 4 am on a school night with loud love involving some stranger, you bet I would be calling the cops too. I doubt it was about the sex so much as the fact that the noise was keeping her awake until 4 in the morning on a school night. That is indeed very disrespectful.

The fact that the girl asked to be placed in a Christian foster home undoubtedly increased the media's outrage. The Christian nature of the specific foster home requested by the girl was not mentioned in the police report- it was added by NBC.

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