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McCain Backstabs Mitt Romney

John McCain, fresh from his handing Obama dictatorial powers to arrest American citizens without trial, endorsed Mitt Romney. After all, Romney graciously supported McCain when he won the nomination in 2008. One of the rules of politics is to "dance with the one who brung you," as Chris Matthews once said. It's just "stupid" not to, as McCain put it. But Rick Perry and Rick Santorum backstabbed Romney, so why not McCain?

He is. McCain is backstabbing Romney. It wasn't hard to detect the anger in his voice. It was just painful to watch McCain dryly mock Romney for just barely winning Iowa. Then McCain said Romney sells out to earmarks. Then McCain called Romney "President Obama." Quite the endorsement...

Is McCain this stupid or is he a Trojan horse? Clearly McCain is a backstabbing Trojan horse. It was foolish of Romney to accept his endorsement. Romney can't trust any liberal.

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