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Mitt Romney's Support Among Non-Evangelical Christians Surges

Mitt Romney received almost exactly the same number of votes in Iowa as he did in 2008, 6 less in fact. While Fox News attempts to spin this as a loss, consider that Romney had only 14% of evangelical Christians support him this time. That's a third less than in 2008.

Let's do some quick math. That means the rest of Iowa, the non-bigoted type, supported Romney much more than they did in 2008. Are the other early states less radical Christian or more radical Christian than Iowa? hmmmmm It is interesting to note that in 2008 the evangelical bigots had a charismatic preacher to vote for and this time they had... whoever wasn't Romney, yet this time they supported the other guy even more.

Why is that? Of course the media spins, spins, spins it away....

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