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NBC Fabricates Photo Of Romney At Security Check As 'Elitist Shoe Shine'


NBC claimed this photo "shows Governor Romney on a tarmac, his feet kicked up, getting polished in front of a corporate jet." Not true. It is actually Romney getting screened at an airport check point, via newsbusters.

NBC also published a false story claiming that Bain Capital advised Obama to fire people on the auto bailout. Typical for liberals to shift the blame away from Obama. Unfortunately the story was completely false and CNBC had to retract that story.

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..phiLip.. said...

Nice catch! Obama's State of the Union / campaign speech.. tonight. zzzzzzzzz... Wonder if he'll mention these stats??

Family Health Care Coverage Premiums
2008 = $12,680 / 2011 = $15,073
Single Family Home Value
Jan. 2009 = $169,900 / Dec. 2011 = $164,100
National Debt
Jan 2, 2009 = $10.6 T / Jan 17, 2011 = $15.2 T
Unemployment Rate
JAN 2009 = 7.8% / DEC 2011 = 8.5%
Number Of Jobs
JAN 2009 = 142,099,000 / DEC 2011 = 140,790,000