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Fox News has 63% negative Bias against Mitt Romney: Study

The Center for Media and Public Affairs released a study that showed an enormous bias in the mainstream media against Romney that is not seen against the other Republican candidates.

The first half our of Fox's "Special Report" is supposed to be free of all opinion, strictly news, yet the study found a 63% negative vs. 37% positive bias when Mitt Romney was mentioned. The broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, ABC) were even worse with a 78% negative vs. only 22% positive bias.

Romney was the only candidate to get a majority negative bias. The networks gave Ron Paul a 73% positive bias and only 27% negative. Jon Huntsman was 71% positive vs. 29% negative. Rick Santorum was 56% positive vs. 44% negative. Newt Gingrich was 52% positive vs. 48% negative.

A second study confirmed this widespread bias against Mitt Romney in the media. The Project for Excellence in Journalism found that among all the media, there was a 38% negative to 25% positive bias against Romney. Gingrich got a Gingrich's 29% positive and 27% negative bias.

America is truly brainwashed!


Susan said...

My theory is that, since Fox's ratings went up when Obama took office, they will support any candidate that DOES NOT stand a chance against him. They don't want to lose viewership, so they push anyone but Romney, who is the only candidate, as the polls show, who can beat him. The liberal media hates him for this reason. He poses a Obama.

Darin Scott said...

So true... Media is so bias and then Gingrich rails on the media about their bias against him - Mitt Romney 2012!!