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Fox News Hypes Pro-Illegal Immigrant Mormons Who Oppose Mitt Romney

Fox News claimed the Mormon Church campaigns for Romney and now suggests via Associated Press that Latino Mormons question their faith because of Romney's conservative values.

(Fox News/Associated Press) -"The Catholic-educated Packard, who grew up in "the middle of Mayan ruins," appreciated the faith's strong sense of family and conservative values...

But two decades after her conversion while a college student at Mississippi State, the 43-year-old Packard finds herself on a new mission: defeating Mitt Romney and any Mormon politician who betrays what she sees as a basic Mormon principle of protecting immigrants...

They also view Romney's stance against proposals giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship as hypocritical...

Garcia said it is estimated that nearly 70 percent of Latino Mormons are illegal immigrants. "

That estimate is pulled out of thin air. ABC claims 7% of Mormons in America are Latino. Ninety percent of Mormons are pro-deportation.

Let's do some quick math. So according to these statistics only 3% of non-Latino Mormons are anti-deportation?? Somehow I doubt that.

But we would expect liberal lies about Mormons to come out of Fox News.

The Mormon bashing also follows the Associated Press strategy to take down Romney. It is very telling that they would team up with Fox News to spread liberal propaganda.

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