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Gatewaypundit falsely suggests Romney forced contraceptives on Catholic Church

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit repeated Obama's false claim that Romney forced Catholic organizations to give contraceptive services. Obama and Newt Gingrich invented the lie.

As governor Romney actually vetoed the legislation that the White House compares to Obamacare. Romney had been sure to include a religious exemption clause. The religious exemption clause makes Jim Hoft's claim a lie. The liberal politicians overrode his veto, and and the liberal legislation overrode the religious exemption clause.

Gatewaypundit has been losing readers since he started his slimy attacks on Mitt Romney.

1 comment:

cura te ipsum said...

Rush Limbaugh has been spouting this crap all morning too and, like Gatewaypundit, he knows it's false. They're just trying to manipulate people and push their agenda, even if means a bold-faced lie.