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Santorum's Multi-Million Donor Attacks Mormons With Bigotry


"Friess had no hesitation in bringing the Mormon Church, of which the Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney is a member, into an attack on abuse of welfare benefits, suggesting, without explanation, that "little Mormon gals" were getting pregnant with rich men and taking welfare to pay for their babies.

He seemed to be saying this was as much a factor in the breakdown of society than a spin-off of Mormonism: "It's not just because they are in the Mormon Church. It's what has happened in America where typically Mormons would never ever take welfare - ever."

Other candidates and their backers have generally avoided overt attacks on Mormonism, aware of the risk of trespassing on the widely respected right to freedom of religious belief." (Reuters)

The guy who is bankrolling Rick Santorum is just another anti-Mormon bigot.

You won't see outrage over these remarks on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Hot Air, Gatewaypundit, Andrew Breitbart, etc.

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