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Star-Tribune Spreads Religious Lies About Mitt Romney

There is a huge difference between baptizing for the dead and baptizing dead people. The latest bigoted attack from the liberal media is to make it sound like Mormons literally baptize dead people.
Mitt Romney and baptizing the dead "Five years ago, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Newsweek magazine that he’d participated in Mormon ceremonies to baptize the dead. He didn’t name names.

At a time when he least needed bad publicity about his religion, Romney is now being dragged into a new scandal over his church’s posthumous baptism of Jews, who are rightly outraged by the practice....

Secondly, his candidacy has been dogged by public skepticism about his religion, which claims to be Christian but whose views are outside of mainstream Christianity.

Romney’s efforts to position himself as a champion on religious freedom may now be undone because the proxy baptism controversy once again shines a spotlight on the atypical beliefs of his religion, officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mormons baptize people posthumously to allow them the “opportunity” to embrace the faith in the afterlife."

Appalling lies.

As a supporter of radical Islam, journalist Susan Hogan praised CAIR and supported Sharia law. She raged against Christianity 'poaching' on Santa Claus, and she hyped pedophile priests.

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