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Associated Press on Superdelegates: GOP Leaders 'Yawn' at Romney

An Associated Press poll of 107 of the Republican superdelegates finds 24 dedicated to Romney, 4 dedicated to Gingrich, and 2 dedicated to Santorum.

So Romney has the lead right? Not according to AP. AP calls this "a collective yawn from his party's superdelegates." But isn't it normal this early in the race for superdelegates to be uncommitted?

Yes, it is! And AP knows this.

In March 2008 Hillary Clinton had a tiny percentage of the superdelegates yet she was widely considered the leaders' favorite. Obama had a third of what Hillary had. AP urged superdelegates to switch from Hillary to Obama, saying that if they don't it is because they feel inferior about their 'sisterhood'.

The ploy worked and by May they were about even in the count. Today AP is once again playing the superdelegate game.

In January 2004 AP hyped Dean and Bush as the likely nominees when Dean had only 80 superdelegates (out of about 820) and Bush only gained 1.

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