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Germans say Romney should quiet down... Then get angry when Romney quiets down

A Silent Romney Would Be a Better Romney

( "But candidate Romney also has to talk, and that is a big part of his problem. He says things like "the trees" in Michigan "are the right height," in the apparent belief that such sentiments will inspire voters in the state. Instead, people just laugh at him, as evidenced by the extremely popular Romney parody aired by the liberal cable news channel MSNBC, which mashed up snippets from his campaign with scenes out of "The Artist."

The message is as clear as it is convincing: Despite holding pole position in the Republican race, there is not much to differentiate Republican nominee-in-spe Romney from the fallen film star Valentin. He would be a much better candidate if he didn't have to talk."

It didn't take long before the German media flip-flopped. About a week later they complained that Romney is being too silent:

Romney's Issue-Dodging Is Bad for the US and Europe...

So, should Europeans rejoice in the poverty of American political discourse? Not in the slightest. Europe can only lose when the US tears itself apart in election campaigns and ignores its own problems -- even more so now that several European countries are facing a severe debt crisis and Europe has become a Republican chew toy.

What do you want him to do?? MSNBC took a few snippet of a quote out of context and made it look stupid... What can he do about that? What can a Republican candidate do if the media refuses to report his important messages about the economy?

Spiegel wants Romney to address the exploding sovereign debt, effective controls for the financial system, the wealth gap between rich and poor, ignorance of international issues, and partisan divide. But Romney does talk about these issues. He talks about them all the time. The media simply isn't listening.

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