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Washington Post Misquotes Mormon Professor To Sound Racist

"“God has always been discriminatory” when it comes to whom he grants the authority of the priesthood, says Bott, the BYU theologian. He quotes Mormon scripture that states that the Lord gives to people “all that he seeth fit.” Bott compares blacks with a young child prematurely asking for the keys to her father’s car, and explains that similarly until 1978, the Lord determined that blacks were not yet ready for the priesthood.

“What is discrimination?” Bott asks. “I think that is keeping something from somebody that would be a benefit for them, right? But what if it wouldn’t have been a benefit to them?” Bott says that the denial of the priesthood to blacks on Earth — although not in the afterlife — protected them from the lowest rungs of hell reserved for people who abuse their priesthood powers. “You couldn’t fall off the top of the ladder, because you weren’t on the top of the ladder. So, in reality the blacks not having the priesthood was the greatest blessing God could give them.”" (

Bott says he was misquoted by Post journalist Jason Horowitz.

"He said he had been misquoted," said Katie Cutler, a junior in linguistics from Yorktown, Va. "He said he just shared the scriptures with the reporter and told them that the church hasn't given an official reason for the priesthood ban."

The Post does indeed take little snippets of Bott's quote and mix it with their own words. A vile but common tactic to make a person say exactly the opposite of what they mean. Of course the church itself wasn't offered a chance to explain the role of race in Mormonism. It issued this statement:

It is unfortunate that the Church was not given a chance to respond to what others said.

The Church’s position is clear—we believe all people are God’s children and are equal in His eyes and in the Church. We do not tolerate racism in any form.

Washington Post goes on to make other bold-faced lies about Mormonism:

Paintings upstairs depict the Lamanites, the tribe in Mormon scripture that bears dark skin as a sign of God’s curse.

Dark skin not the curse. The Book of Mormon makes it clear that is not the curse. The curse is ignorance, because they were born into a society that wasn't religious. The dark skin is called the mark of the curse because many Lamanites happened to be of that skin color.

Jazon Horowitz also pushes the phony post-humous baptism attack. He pushes Republican hatered for Romney because of his religion. Pure bigotry.


PersonalFailure said...

dark skin wasn't the curse, it was just how you knew people were cursed? what's the difference? you're still looking at dark-skinned people and thinking "curse!"

Dr B said...

I suppose the Nephite people in the BoM did think in a racist way, you are right. They did generalize dark skinned people as non-religious.

That was 2,000 years ago. All this has zero to do with the 2012 presidential elections.

Let's talk about Obama's transvestite prostitute nanny. Or his pastor. Or his Islamic origins.