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ABC News Anti-Mormon Hate: 'A result of Romney's wealth'

When Should Mitt Romney Talk About His Mormon Faith?

ABC News- "When Mitt Romney is assessed as a candidate for the presidency, a handful of potential vulnerabilities are often cited. Among them are his wealth and, as a result, his difficulties connecting with voters, as well as his Mormon faith."

Read that again. Is Romney's Mormon faith is a vulnerability because of his wealth?

That's what ABC seems to suggest. Like the new Jew, Mitt Romney accumulated wealth as part of his religion and people are bitter at him for it.

Well, we better not mention his charity-giving...

This subtle wording is part of a new Democrat strategy to tie Romney's religion to his wealth. The Mormon tends to be rich because he works hard, and that is a vulnerability. According to liberals.

"The concerns about Romney’s wealth are well documented, from questions about his tax returns to statements about his wife’s owning a “couple of Cadillacs.” But the role of his faith and the effect they might have on voters are more of a mystery."

Any guess where this is going? Did Romney's faith lead Bain Capital to allegedly fire non-Mormons? To lie about his off-shore accounts and money earnings? To wage crony Capitalism against non-Mormons? Does Romney's faith make him hate working women?

You can expect ABC News to make these absurd connections in the months to come.

"It’s unclear to what extent Romney’s faith will motivate voters on Election Day. The latest ABC News polling suggests that it will not be much of a factor: Eighty percent of respondents don’t consider Romney’s religion a major factor in their decision on whether to support him.

But polling has indicated that Americans are unfamiliar with Mormonism, and several are uncomfortable with the religion."

In other words: "People might think Mormons are alright now, but wait until we tell them the truth!"

"A survey conducted in November by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 31 percent of non-Mormon Americans believe the religion is not part of the Christian faith. Another 17 percent of non-Mormons were unsure whether Mormonism was a Christian religion."

The single comment left on this article illustrates the kind of hatred ABC is trying to elicit from their readers: "We cannot vote a man for the presidency who hides everything about himself including his practice of a cult religion and who hides his finances in Swiss banks and the Cayman Islands. We can dislike Obama but Romney is the worst person we can vote for, a secretive man who lies, flip flops, hides pertinent information about him to become president. (Faithhill)"

The article concludes with a hand-picked poll from a year ago. ABC completely spins the findings. Actually 51% of people in this poll called Mormons Christians, according to other reports. This polls actually seems to disprove ABC.

"The high percentage of Americans who are unfamiliar with Romney’s faith suggests that questions about his relationship with the Church of Latter-day Saints and the role his faith plays in his life will continue to come up, as such questions tend to do with any president."

I can think of one certain president the issue never, ever comes up for...

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Floyd Fisher said...

Let them dig up Walter Martin's expose on mormonism....I know of a certain preacher Obama sat in the pew of for 20 years we can bring back for some golden oldies. :D