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CNN covers up Obama's praise for Ohio factory that failed

CNN ridiculed Romney's speech at the National Gypsum drywall plant in Cleveland, saying that the building actually closed in 2008 under Bush. "What are they going blame him for next?" CNN quotes a local Democrat.

But Romney didn't speak at the plant because of when it closed.

Obama had given a speech at the same plant in 2008 while it was still running. In that speech, he promised to undo NAFTA, a promise which Obama flip-flopped on just five months later. Obama also promised:

  • Higher labor standards
  • Higher environmental standards, 5 million new green jobs
  • Funding for conversion to green technology
  • More infrastructure spending
  • Taxing companies for carbon pollution
  • Less outsourcing overseas
  • Not adding to national debt, by ending the Iraqi war and ending Bushes tax cuts
Obama said he took advice from the factory's owner on how to do this- a factory that soon went under. Obama said the company was a model for the kind of business we should be see all across America.

"I just took a tour of the plant and I was very impressed with what everybody was doing. I want to thank those who provided the tour and thank them for the great job they are doing."

CNN says it reviewed a transcript of the speech, but no mention of Obama's model. No mention of many of these promises and where it has led.

Obama hasn't touched infrastructure.

Obama's environmental impositions and business standards have only made more businesses go under, like this factory he gained inspiration from. Outsourcing has gotten worse with Obama. Jeff Immelt of GE, Obama's economics panel chief, outsourced much of GE after taking federal stimulus money.

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