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2nd Obama Situation Room Photo Faked: Proof

See anything wrong with this picture? This is one of the famous Osama bin Laden raid photos of Obama put out by the White House showing President Obama supposedly taking charge of the operation. After news broke that Obama didn't take charge of the raid speculation rose that the photos were faked.

Obama's small head - As with the other photos, Obama looks too small. His head looks tiny next to the rest of his body. Compare this to another photo. The tan jacket lining is different in the other photo.

Stretched table - The table look much too long compared to other photos. It looks like it must stretch 30 ft while in reality it stretches less than 20 ft. Not only that, the side of the table is angled differently at the top and bottom of the photo. Other photos show the table isn't so curved, and the molding around the ceiling is in straight lines, which tells us the photo wasn't taken with a fish-eye lens.

Large chair - The closest chair on the left looks much too large. The top of the chair is even with the chest of the man in blue standing next to it. But all the other chairs only reach people's waists. The shadows and reflections on the chair are also off. There is no reflection or shadow from the man standing right next to it, even though all the other chairs are very reflective of things around them. The man stands directly between the chair and the room's central light, yet there is no shadow on the chair. The chair directly behind gives a stark reflection of the white binder laying on it.

Window reflections all wrong - If you turn up the contrast and look at reflections in the windows, things don't seem to match at all. A man with glasses is reflected in the rear window, but the reflection of the man behind him doesn't match at all. It has gray hair instead of black and it is looking forward instead of bowing downward. The top of Hillary's head can be seen, but it looks closer to the wall than the man in glasses, not farther.

A hand floats in the air next to the window.

In the window closer to us, the man in a blue shirt is reflected with a bald head even though he has a full head of hair. His reflection appears again over to the left, an exact duplicate. Between them is a silhouette of a man that doesn't match up to anyone in the room.

Obama's head missing parts - Obama's head shows a big dent in his right ear. Yet no such dent really exists. His neck line disappears on the right side.

Chair squeezed next to Obama - You can see part of the chair that stood in the middle of the photo before Obama was photoshopped in.

On the right side we see a man standing there, part of his suit coat in the frame. Look down and there is the right edge of a leather chair next to him, yet there isn't room enough for a chair to be between him and Obama.

See more analysis of this photo at American thinker.

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Anonymous said...

Pertaining to the "Window Reflections All Wrong" portion of the piece, the reflections on the left-hand-side of the photo actually appear to be a reverse image taken from a different perspective. The "Mystery Shadow" appears to actually be the back of the man in the blue sport coat (4th from left). The man in the reflection that has his hand to his chin belongs to the "Floating Hand" (he is standing behind but between the man in the light blue shirt - 3rd from left - and the man in the blue sport coat - 4th from left). The "Mystery Bald Spot" in the reflection is actually the top of the man in the light blue shirt's (3rd from left) head. Thus - AN IMPOSSIBLE reverse back-image "reflection"...