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MSNBC shows Romney's bus blowing up, with the threat: 'Hop on boys!'

MSNBC aired footage that portrayed Romney's tour bus exploding, as Muslim-born anchor Bashir shouted: "Hop on the bus boys! What could go wrong?"

Bashir previously declared that Romney deserves eternal damnation and ripped him for being a Mormon.

You recall the film 'Death of a President' from liberals that gleefully portrayed President Bush getting shot and killed. Well the liberals just took it a step further. They now air Jihad videos against Republicans!

MSNBC is a propaganda channel for General Electric, who received massive federal stimulus dollars but paid zero taxes. Democrats rewarded MSNBC for their constant liberal propaganda with military contracts, airport scanner contracts, and exclusive exclusions from carbon taxes. Their CEO also heads Obama's job counsel, and he outsourced many factories overseas.

Previously, MSNBC called for a violent revolution if Republicans get their way.

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