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Rabid Bigotry in New York Times: 'No such thing as Anti-Mormonism'

Bigotry continues at the New York Times:

"As a former Mormon local leader myself, I am afraid that I, too, used to complain about people not liking Mormons. I gained perspective after quitting Mormonism, whereupon I learned that there is essentially no such thing as “anti-Mormonism.”

Most non-Mormons would agree that Mormons view anything critical of Mormonism — and indeed, anything that does not praise the church — as offensive. With a Mormon candidate for president, it is finally time for Mormons to come of age, to mature and to live in a predominantly non-Mormon world without persistently whining about the “anti-Mormon” boogeyman. It could only help their case."

Examples of author Mike Tweedy's un-anti-Mormonism:

"I am an ex-Mormon, and I watch the LDS church like a hawk. I keep track of each event in which they distance themselves from their own past and doctrines, such as when they deny belief in doctrines that have existed well within my own lifetime, as well as when they deny well-documented historical events that occurred within the church." (

"Although in time I quit Mormonism because I found the religion to be demonstrably false, I retained most of the books because they illustrate the degree to which LDS leadership is willing to not-so-subtly change the doctrines in order to make them all dovetail with current, less damaging teachings.... one can make easy comparisons to determine what Mormons actually believe and what they tell others that they believe, and helps to highlight the blatant dishonest dealings of Mormonism." (

"Mormon missionaries and leaders will not only lead you astray or just not tell you what they actually believe ... For Christian values, stay in your own Christian church." (

"A book about a boatload of Jews in roughly 600 BC coming by sea, somehow passing from the Red Sea, through Indonesia and the Pacific and beyond, making landfall in Central or South America (many say modern day Chile, only because it's an insanely long country) with no apparent difficulty on a boat made by a 16 year-old with no help, using rudimentary tools that he turned out in a furnace along the beach. Then from their landfall somewhere on the new continent, this group, probably no more than 100 people, dispersed across three of the largest continents in the world, and populated South, Central, and North America in unprecedented record time before also getting on a boat again and populating Polynesia. And, fewer than a thousand years after arriving, their populations were in the millions and they were killing each other off in great wars using steel weapons and horses, which didn't exist in the new world for more than another thousand years.

The stupidity makes the head hurt. Any professor of history--even and LDS one--has to know how freakishly impossible this is. It's very well documented who populated the American continents and the origins of Polynesia and how they did it. DNA proves that there is no Jewish blood among American indigenous peoples.

I'm giving it one star for its entertainment value." (

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