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ABC Scrubbed Out 'Mormon Mission' From Bachelorette Star's Words

LA Times is outraged to learn that the engaged winner of Bachelorette, Jef Holm, is Mormon. How could this happen?? Why wasn't this important detail ever mentioned in the show??

Actually it was mentioned. Holm said on camera that he had gone on a "Mormon mission." The show's producers erased those words and dubbed in "charity work."

"Many fans this season have noticed that when Jef told Emily why he wouldn't meet her parents on the hometown date, his explanation of "Mormon mission" was dubbed over with the words "charity work." So what was up with that, the reporter from the Trib inquired.

"I have no idea," Jef responded.

"So, you never said that?" the journalist followed.

"I never said I was doing charity work."

Cue the awkward silence -- until an ABC media representative jumped on the line to say the question "wasn't relevant" to Emily and Jef and their rainbows and sunshine. Innnteresting." -LA Times

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