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Associated Press Misquotes Ann Romney: "We've Given You People All You Need To Know"

ABC confirms Ann didn't say "you people" on their morning show interview. The context of the quote also doesn't fit those words. Here are some of the liberal media that lied to attack Ann:

Washington Post
Talking Points Memo
Yahoo News (Associated Press)
Huffington Post
International Business Times
Raw Story
Contra Costa Times (Associated Press)
Little Green Footballs
Free Republic

The DNC recently published ads mocking Ann Romney for riding horses as part of her recovery for her illness. Now the liberals are outright making up quotes to attack her, spreading the lie in their media complex. All so they attack Romney's success in business.

Remember their vicious attacks on her motherhood, saying she hasn't worked a day in her life even though she raised a slew of sons? Why do liberals have a special hatred for women, successful mothers?

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1 comment:

Brigadier Ketchup said...

Um. I'm sorry "Doctor", but if you listen closely to the video, Mrs. Romney clearly says "you people". Now we can argue that she simply meant the investigative media and not everyone (including prominent conservatives) who have been wondering why Mitt is so squeamish about even talking about tax returns as recent as three years ago, but you can't say that a person didn't say a thing when it is clearly documented on video that she did.