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Associated Press Misquotes Romney: 'Aurora Shooter Obtained Weapons Illegally'

AP- "The politics of guns leapt to the top of the presidential race Wednesday, as President Barack Obama embraced some degree of control of weapons sales and Republican Mitt Romney seemed to suggest an alleged mass killer in Colorado had obtained his weapons illegally even though he hadn’t."

No, Mitt Romney didn't say that. He didn't suggest that the weapons were obtained illegally. Here is what he said:

"This person shouldn’t have had any kind of weapons and bombs and other devices, and it was illegal for him to have many of those things already," Romney told NBC News in an interview in London. "But he had them. And so we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. It won’t." …

In a separate interview with KRNV-TV in Nevada, Romney seemed more precise. He said Holmes "had various incendiary devices, bombs of some kind. The idea that saying those things, of course, were illegal, but he had them, simply passing laws does not make the threat of an individual who is deranged, disappear." …

The shooter had illegal weapons didn't he? Bombs are illegal aren't they? AP admits in the article that it is against Colorado law to construct "an explosive device," which the shooter constructed many. So Romney was 100% correct in his statement. But AP goes on to insist on their misquote, and even make a ridiculous logical leap that this means Romney doesn't want to change gun laws. WTF??

"Romney, meanwhile, said many of the weapons deployed by the shooting suspect in Colorado were possessed illegally and that changing laws wouldn’t prevent gun-related tragedies. His comments added a confusing layer to the debate because authorities say the firearms that James Holmes allegedly used to kill 12 people were obtained legally."

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