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Associated Press spins dreadful jobs report in Obama's favor

The unemployment rate should be 5.2% right now, according to Obama's Recovery Plan predictions. But instead unemployment is 8.2%. Obama calls this a step in the right direction, and urges us to ignore the data for the 31st time.

It's actually worse than you think. If the job participation rate were the same as when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 10.9%. Many have stopped looking for work. But AP is going to do their best to make Obama look good. It is a perfect crash-course for how the Associated Press spin the news in favor of liberals:

-False definitions

AP- "History repeats itself, until it doesn't. That musty truism is worth remembering as pundits speculate on whether the lumbering economy will doom the re-election hopes of President Barack Obama, who has shown a knack for beating odds and breaking barriers."

Lumbering economy?? To lumber means to to 'heap together in disorder, to fill up or obstruct with miscellaneous useless articles; encumber.' How is the economy encumbered? With what, too many jobs? We need a higher jobless rate? What is "lumbering economy" supposed to mean??

The saying "history repeats itself" is a "musty truism"? It is outdated, obsolete, old?? Wow, we really are doomed!

By the way, you probably winced when you read that Obama has a "knack for beating odds and breaking barriers." Don't worry, they will give you some laughable examples:

-List strengths as Obama's greatest weaknesses

AP -"Clearly, some important trends are working against him....

His signature domestic achievement, the 2010 health care overhaul, is a mixed political blessing, uniting Republicans against him. Voters show little interest in how his administration wound down the Iraq war and killed Osama bin Laden."

AP lists Obama's major triumphs (not really his triumphs) as examples of things working against him? No mention of Fast and Furious, his weekly golfing excursions, the bailout outrages, Solyndra... Instead they list reasons why the trends shouldn't shouldn't be working against him. This is just childish; it is like saying: "Why won't you go out with me? Is it because I'm smart, good looking, or rich?"

-Turn the tables against Romney

AP -"And yet Obama runs even with, or slightly ahead of, Republican rival Mitt Romney in poll after poll. Campaign strategists debate the reasons.

They might include Obama's personal likeability, gaps in Romney's strategy...

Obama's political resilience has left Republicans quarreling over how best to combat him.... But some Republican activists are anxious, saying Romney is running an overly cautious campaign. The Wall Street Journal's editorial page — it's an important forum for conservative thought — blasted Romney's campaign this week for "squandering an historic opportunity" and said the campaign looked "confused" and "politically dumb."

McKenna agrees that Romney must be more daring and aggressive..."

In an article about Obama's troubles, AP sure seems interested talking about Romney's negatives (which they lie about of course)- and only Romney's negatives. Wasn't this supposed to be about Obama? And no mention of Romney's assets against Obama, the most obvious being his proven success as an economic leader.

It is also interesting that AP parrots a Fox News partner, Wall Street Journal. Yes, Fox has turned against Romney. Fox News teamed up with AP before to spew religious bigotry.

-Appeal to race

AP- "There's a problem with applying historical precedents and conventional wisdom to Obama: He sometimes defies them.

Before the 2008 campaign took shape, how many people thought America would elect a black president? Or that a man four years removed from the Illinois Legislature would outmaneuver Bill and Hillary Clinton's political machine?

Besides, no senator had been elected president in more than four decades."

What did any of that have to do with the economy?

-Employment numbers can only go up

AP- "Campaign consultants also differ about how much Obama might be helped if job creation accelerates in the next few months, which is by no means certain....

In 2010, jobs suddenly rebounded in October. In 2011, another sharp rise began in September, only to drop significantly seven months later. If that pattern repeats itself this fall, then Obama might enjoy a last-minute bump before the Nov. 6 election, assuming enough voters remain persuadable."

What about if the economy continues down? No conjecture on that. AP thinks either the economy will either stay at 8.2% (10.9%) or get better.

-Call Obama's critics nasty names

AP- "Come November, the barrier-breaking president may prove mortal indeed. He might fall victim to voters' fears and anger over an economy that has left millions jobless and many others underemployed....

Blogs, Twitter and cable outlets spew out political tidbits and barbs at a dizzying pace."

AP uses violent imagery of the murder of an innocent victim to portray Obama's critics- just after appealing to Obama's "barrier breaking" as a black man. Wow, classy. But AP's vitroil for blogs who "spew" out barbs is also, I think, an attack on other media types that AP competes with.

-Blame Bush

AP- "It's not good news, but it's not devastating news," Wlezien said of the slowdown. "Voters seem to have taken into account what Obama inherited," he said, referring to a monthly job-loss rate of about 800,000 in the months just before and after Obama took office."

Of course.

-Economy doesn't matter

AP- "But if there's a new normal in a brutal global economy, might there be a new normal in U.S. politics that has yet to be examined and understood?

...Minority voters play bigger roles, especially in key states such as Nevada and Florida. Public opinion shifts dramatically on issues such as gay rights."

So Obama's amnesty for illegals and his gay marriage flip-flop will save him.

-In conclusion...

Bring all these spins together into one paragraph. Appeal to race, attack Romney, name-call Obama's critics, unemployment can only go up, economy doesn't matter.

AP- "Obama turned the political world on its ear four years ago. Republicans hope Romney — a more conventional candidate who might have played a president in the movies — will prove that precedents and conventional wisdom still hold and that voters won't reward an incumbent when unemployment stays high, month after month."

Did you catch the false definition? Obama "turned the political world on its ear", meaning changed politics in a surprising and exciting way. Just how did he do that?

Also, the vicious insult against Romney, that he "might play a president in a movie." Earlier this year, Associated Press gave us a blueprint for bashing Mitt Romney. First, don't mention anything good about him. Second, make him aloof, distant, inhuman, weird. This latest Obama puff-piece follows the blueprint perfectly.

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