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Britain's Attack On Mitt Romney Traces Back To Russian Who Illegally Tried To Control The 2014 Olympics

Why are Londoner's freaking out over Mitt Romney?

Romney expressed tepid concern over the preparedness of London's 2012 Olympics, calling past security failings "disconcerting." Mitt Romney is the man who turned a failing Olympics around into a success, remember, so he was just trying to help. Why are Englanders being such whiny little girls about this?

Rupert Murdoch's The Independent , Sky News and Sun are blasting Romney nonstop. Murdoch's hatred for Romney is well documented. Fox News frequently bashes Mormons and is doing everything they can to help Obama.

The Telegraph has been brutal to Romney, a media group run by a man convicted of fraud.

But Romney's top critic is the London Standard. The Standard's owner is a former KGB agent (like Putin). Interestingly, he broke the law in an effort to gain control over the 2014 Olympics:

In March 2009, Lebedev announced that he would be running for mayor of Sochi, the city that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics,[15] but a court ruling declared his candidacy invalid on April 13, 2009.[16] The court ruling was a result of a complaint by another candidate, Vladimir Turukhanovsky, that Lebedev's campaign received three donations from minors that is forbidden by Russian electoral law.... Lebedev said that he intended to appeal the court's decision.[17]

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