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Fire Fehmstrom!

I've had it with this guy!

Fehmstrom is the one who said the etch-a-sketch quote. He is constantly off-message, constantly on a retreating defense... His answer for the healthcare tax question was technically correct, but he said it in a very bad way. Fehmstrom said that Romneycare wasn't a tax, which is technically true as the Supreme Court only ruled on a federal mandate, but Fehmstrom didn't go on to explain the difference. Of course the dirt-bag media is going to misquote you and say you called Obamacare a tax!

Obama's lawyers called it a tax while Obama insisted, still is insisting, it wasn't. We need to stay on that message. Either Obama broke a promise and made the greatest raise in taxes in history, or he broke the law.

Romneycare meanwhile, while riddled with imperfections, was an attempt to get moochers to pay for their own healthcare. It was on a state level and could never redistribute wealth like Obamacare will.

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