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Fox News Attacks Mitt Romney With Tax-Return Talking Point

It is outrageous enough that the mainstream media hurls baseless accusations that Mitt Romney has something to hide in his tax returns. Based in class warfare, the media whips up a bitterness against those who are successful. But who would have expected to see this from Fox News?

Well you should have. News Corp has waged a prolonged war against conservative Mitt Romney, with frequent Mormon-bashing and petty attacks. They hire a strategist for Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean to bash Romney some more:

Fox News- "Speculation is heating up over who Mitt Romney will name as his vice-presidential pick--and whether or not he'll make that announcement before next month's GOP convention in Tampa.

Only time will answer those questions, but one thing we already know for sure: based on the one year of tax returns he's publicly released so far, Mitt Romney himself wouldn't make the cut as a vice presidential contender if he wasn't already at the top of the ticket.

Think about it. What candidate for president -- even a GOP candidate for president -- would pick a guy as a running mate who would only hand over one year of tax returns, as Mitt Romney has done?

And would anybody pick that guy if that one tax return revealed Swiss Bank accounts and more than $30 million in off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands-- especially in an election year when public anger at Wall Street remains so high?

The answer is: no. No presidential candidate in their right mind would pick such a candidate as their running mate."

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