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Obama Coordinates More Romney Smears With Media

They don't even try to hide the coordinating:

On a press conference call today, Obama for America National Press Secretary Ben LaBolt addressed the serious questions raised by Vanity Fair about the secrecy surrounding Mitt Romney’s finances.

Washington Post explains how Democrats are directing the media to follow the Vanity Fair smear of Mitt Romney:

"Dems are circulating the magazine’s deep dive into Romney’s offshore accounts, tax loopholes, and carried interest. The article suggests that Romney is the poster boy for a kind of financial behavior that pushes the boundaries into “murky” and “gray” areas — words the article uses frequently — and sketches out the degree to which the Romney camp has not been forthcoming about the details of his financial holdings.

The Obama camp will use this to continue raising questions about Romney’s commitment to the middle class and whose interests he’d really represent as president."

This is the latest media blitz from Obama. They also renewed an ad campaign full of lies about Romney's leadership of Bain Capital.

As Breitbart points out, Romney has complied completely with disclosure requirements. All allegations of tax evasion and murky behavior is 100% fabricated.

Media lapdogs who have spread the Obama propaganda include:

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